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Training for your body type.

At this very moment, do you have the body you want?

Most people would say no and that is ok. Not everybody is going to know or understand what direction to go in pertaining to their fitness so most people just try anything or just stick to cardio. “ cardio” isn’t always the end all be all answer for most people. Many people realize that even after they’ve been killing it at he gym or sticking with a wholesome balanced diet, they don’t get the results they were hoping for in terms of changing their body shape or body composition. This may be because while they appeared to be doing the right thing, they were actually following the optimal protocol for someone else’s body type and not their own.

About 60-70% of people are exercising the wrong way for their bodies needs. For every 10 people who are exercising or working out, only about 3-4 of them are doing what is takes for them to achieve results efficiently. Every person has a genetic blueprint that dictates our body type ( a.k.a. Somatotype). Every body type has its advantages but different body types do respond differently to certain dietary regimens or fitness programs. So, if you haven’t achieved the fitness or weight control results you’ve been aiming for, this may be because you weren’t providing your body with the physical challenges or the nutrients it needed to transform its appearance and physical condition.

The key is to work with your individual body, rather than against it, based on your natural somatotype. There are three basic body types- ectomorphs, Mesomorph, endomorph- that can determine how you respond to certain foods and physical activities, what your hormonal and metabolic characteristics are, and how much lean muscle and body fat you have ( and where it’s located). There’s even hybrid body types such as ecto-Mesomorph, endo-Mesomorph, endo-ectomorph. To get more of an understanding of what body type you are you can do a body type exam on sites like “”, “”, and “”, or I can ask you a few questions to determine that and you can confirm it on these sites as well. It always helps to get a second opinion. This can give you an idea of what direction to go in for your body type.

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