Tough Mudder Run

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

On December 7th 2019 our crew participated in the Central Florida Tough Mudder in Bartow. This was a first for most of us and a learning experience but well worth it and we had a blast!

Some of the most challenging aspects about it were not so much the obstacles themselves but rather the struggle with overcoming the arbitrary limits we sometimes put on ourselves when confronted with a challenge. Don't get me wrong: there were some pretty hard and scary obstacles (Electroshock Therapy!) and some a couple of us couldn't complete, but we carried on as a team and all of us crossed the finish line which is what is most important and why we do it. We showed up, attempted everything even if we couldn't complete it, and kept going until the end. A lot of people didn't do that. They stayed home and watched television or played video games. Maybe they scrolled mindlessly through some social media posts or decided it was a sit back and drink a cold beverage kind of day. Not us. Not that day. That day we proved to ourselves and each other that with the right attitude and surrounded by the right people we can overcome any obstacle and live a happy, fit and healthy lifestyle that will continue to benefit you the rest of your life. All it takes a a little self discipline and commitment and you can achieve what you never though possible.

Thank you to all who participated and I'll hopefully see you all next year with us!


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