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Simple way to tone up and stay in shape.

Coming from Queens, New York where I was born and raised a lot of the people I hung out with or just happened to be around a few times all were in shape. The crazy thing was most of them never went to the gym and just maybe played football and basketball pick up games on their spare time. I also played a lot of pickup games. Primarily basketball because on my block everybody would be there hanging out and playing ball so our area was the place to be. If there was a chance we was going across town to play some football against another neighborhood I’d jump on the opportunity in a heart beat. That was my area of expertise in sports. But, back to the fitness part, I asked one of my closest friends at the time what did he do to get abs and defined arms. He said everyday he would do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. Sometimes twice a day. So I did that and within six months everybody took noticed and I some how birth the nickname diesel to most people lol I even added jumping jacks to my basic workout routine and the more work I did the more I added other workouts to my regime. A lot of the times the most part is just being patient and consistent. You don’t need a lot to stay in shape. Just do the small things constantly so it would become something bigger. Also, I will add depending on your level of fitness to please be mindful of your body reaction to the workouts. If it’s causing you pain because you’re doing so much, Fisk it back and maybe do it every other day instead of everyday. The benefits of doing push ups and sit ups is your core, your upper body, your back and arms are strengthened. Also, great to do when you’re traveling and cannot make it to a gym

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