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Secrets from Real- Life Biggest losers

National weight control registry ( NWCR)

- The registry was developed to show and examine the behavior of people who have and still are succeeding at long term weight loss and weight management. This registry was started back in 1994 by doctors Jim hill and Rena Wing. Of the whole registry, including to present day, %80 of the people in the registry are women, and %20 are men. There are ten thousand plus members currently registered, are at least 18 years or older, have lost at least 30lbs, and have maintained the weight loss for at least one year. The average woman if 45 years old and currently weighs 145lbs, the average man is 49 years old and weighs 190lbs. This registry is made completely of volunteers and nobody is paid to do this.

- Most NWCR members lost an average of 66lbs and kept it off for five and half years. 30-300lbs is the range of weight lost and the duration of weight loss ranges from one year to sixty six years. %45 lost the weight on their own while %55 lost weight with the help of some type of program. %98 of the registry modified their food intake in some way to lose weight, and %94 increased their physical activity, mainly from walking. Most of the members watch less and less of tv. No more than a average of 10 hours per week.

-Some of the strategies that were used and can possibly help you

. Doing high levels of physical activity

. Consuming a lower calorie diet

. Weighing themselves frequently ( monitoring their weight)

. Eating breakfast, typically cereal ( low fat and low sugar breakfast foods) and fruit, everyday

. Staying laser focused on their goals and never stray to long

- Both male and females averaged 1 hour a day of physical activity at a somewhat hard intensity. Mostly taking two brisk 30 minute walks a day. One in the morning and one at night. Other forms of physical activities were resistant training, cycling, and other aerobic activities.

What happens to NWCR members who regain their weight they lost?

- They learned that when those who lost weight but gained it back usually tend to periodically lose control of their eating habits. Those with higher levels of depression showed greater odds for regaining weight. Those whose calorie intake from increased is associated with weight regain also.

What got people focused on getting healthier and losing weight ?

- What was learned is there is usually three common prompts for weight loss and continued maintenance incline medical conditions (%23), reaching an all time high in body weight (%21), and observing oneself in the mirror or picture (%12). Also, people wanted to make sure they live a long healthy life and having more time to spend with love ones. They realized their “ why” has to become a “ must”.

Common traits.

- %59 said no matter what, their eating habits had to remain the same on the weekends. %39 said they followed stricter diets during the week as compared to the weekend. The volunteers who are more consistent with their diets during the week and weekend are 1.5 more times more likely to maintain weight loss during the next year.

Advice from the registry volunteers

- No two people lost weight in exactly the same way in the registry. You must find what works Best for you.

- All the members on the registry have a sincere motivation for achieving their goals, whether it is medical scare, an all time high weight, or just wanting to spend kore time with family and friends. - All members modified their diet in a way to take in fewer calories. - The majority of members are consistent with completing up to 1 hour of somewhat hard intensity exercise on most days during the week. - Regardless of how much time they spend exercising, most members do the same physical activity: walking briskly. Most importantly they keep up this same routine even after they’ve reached their weight loss goal. - Majority of members eat a healthy breakfast , typically cereal, ( low fat and sugar foods) and fruit .

- They frequently weight themselves. Daily or just once a week. If you’re the type to stress about your weight intensely then you should limit yourself to maybe once a week or every two weeks so your stress level don’t go up and down all the time.

- Weight loss success is likelier you occur among members who don’t let their dietary habits go to stray on the weekends. They stay committed.

- Most members have developed effective coping mechanisms to deal with any depression that they may experience. Often times depression is associated with weight gain. - It’s not uncommon for NWCR members to experience the cycle of the yo yo affect ( the seesawing of weight loss and weight regain) on their road to successful weight management. - - Many of the members have effective self monitoring techniques. Most of them keep dietary and exercise journals.

- Members get back on track if they see they are sliding off their program.

- Members keep their emotions from affecting their diet and exercise. Avoid using food to escape whatever is stressing you. -Majority of the members watch less than 10 hours of tv a week.

- Have tremendous vigilance. -Members who have successfully maintained their weight loss for over two years significantly increase their odds for continued long term success.

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