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Good Nutrition

Over time as a trainer, some trainers forget that reviewing and researching information that is tied to your field of work is important, especially for your credibility. In order for me to constantly provide for my clients and others I have to always be reading and researching whether it’s old or new info. The more knowledge you have the kore you can apply and help the people you work with see result. So It’s my job to continue my education so I can pass it on to the next person. So today I’m going to share some knowledge and tips to help you with having good nutrition.

In terms of health and wellness good nutrition is what feeds the muscle and helps shed fat. A lot of people are so used to the sayings eat more calories to put on weight and eat less calories to loss weight. What they are not telling you is how to do that without just eating anything. There’s a method to do that. Even adjusting your portions can make a difference as well. Also, to help with having a better diet, exercise is also important especially if you’re known to always be sitting down most of the day. People looking to lose weight, body fat, and build muscle and have more energy should be moving more. Better eating habits has to be involved.

Four important criteria all good nutrition plans must have:

1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance.

2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density.

3. Good nutrition achieves health, body composition, and performance goals.

4. Good nutrition is honest and outcome based.

The phrase “ energy balance” represents the relationship between “ energy in” ( food calories taken in the body through food and drink) and “ energy out” ( calories being used in the body for our daily energy requirements ). This is defined by the “ laws of thermodynamics “ that dictates whether weight is lost, gained, or remain the same. You’ll also notice that when you are in a “ positive energy balance “ ( more in than out) and when you’re in a “negative energy balance”( more out than in), everything from your metabolism, to your hormonal balance, to your mood is impacted.

I’ve went through a time just recently where my eating habits was off by a lot ( 😒yes trainers to slip but we tighten up real quick) the food I was eating wasn’t the most beneficial for me. Yeah I might of been depressed about something and didn’t realize it, just was going through a faze, I don’t know but what I do know is that I cannot stay on the path I was on. What makes it worse my sleeping routine was off. I’d always wake up unmotivated and foggy, irritable, frustrated, and I was also over eating by a lot like I had no control. But, for my body type I can easily hide it but I knew for myself that I had to tighten up or there would be issues down the road. I was also constantly on the go, my business was being impacted, I was gaining belly fat ( yes I put on fat just as easy as I put on muscle).

- Severe negative energy balance can lead to a massive metabolic decline, reductions in thyroid hormone production, reduction in testosterone levels, an inability to concentrate, and a huge reduction in physical performance ( sure wish I would have understood this in high school smh).

- Overfeeding ( and/ or under exercising) has its own hist of repercussions not only in terms of weight gain but in terms of health and cellular fitness. With too much over feeding, plaques can build up in our arteries, blood pressure can increase, blood cholesterol can increase, we can become insulin resistant and begin to suffer from diabetes, we can increase our risk for certain cancers too.

Things to consider, nutritional programs help to properly control energy balance. When properly controlled, excessive swings in either direction ( positive or negative) are prevented and the body can either lose fat or gain lean muscle mass in a healthy way. Adding mor veggies and fruits to your meals is one way to have more of a positive energy balance. Going for a walk for 30 minutes everyday is great to way to keep you fit and healthy. Eliminate the junk food, processed foods, fried foods, and just eating whole cooked fresh foods will go a long way.

At the end of the day keep this in mind, eat foods that your great grandparents will recognize. We’ve all been told growing up that if we want to grow up big and strong we have to eat our greens and fruits and that still holds true till this day, even more as we age throughout life.

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